How To Make Love To A Women

OK, so if I could answer this question exactly I would be famous, rich and have a line around the block at my bedroom door, but I can definitely give you a good guide about what exactly women want in bed. One thing to remember is that every single women is different and every one of them will have a different part she wants touched, with a different pressure for a different amount of time.Because of that, the absolute best tip I can give you is to ask. If you are comfortable with your partner then you should both be open about your sexual preferences and exactly what each of you desires.But if you are dating someone new, or just want to impress a one-night stand, then here are my tips which are guaranteed to get any women wet, moaning, and orgasmic…

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Go slow with a woman

Go Slow

Men like sex quick. It is easy and fun for us to rut away, getting intense stimulation for a short burst before we orgasm. If men were purely in charge of sex it would probably be over in a couple of minutes. Whereas for women, sex is best when it is elongated, lasting ideally for hours, and taken very, very slow.This go slow is the great thought to keep in your head when you start making love to a women. And the making love starts early. It doesn’t start with intercourse, it starts way before that, when you are talking over dinner, or even earlier when you are flirting over text before a date. This foreplay is essential for women and the longer it goes on for, the more intense their orgasm can be. The trick is to keep a constant stream of arousal coming, never stopping or giving her time to calm down, but also gently ramping up the arousal state over time. DO not just try to jump right in and go hell for leather from minute 1. This will just make her sore and unable to orgasm.Instead, start with the words, then the gentle touch, and then move on. Talking and the words of sex are highly underrated, and unfortunately most people feel embarrassed with the dirty talk. But in reality it can turn people wild. Being told exactly what someone wants to do to you, where they are going to touch you, and what they want you to do to them is a real turn-on. So be sure to include a few words of encouragement as you. Tell her how beautiful she smells, and how good she tastes as you kiss her skin. As you build up the arousal, you can build up the words, until you are telling her some very naughty things.

Men have pretty much one main erogenous zone, and we are looking to be touched there almost constantly. But women have zones such as that over their entire bodies and touching any of them, and all of them can bring her to a high state of arousal. Particular pressure points are her neck, ears, back and inner thighs. You should spend plenty of time lightly caressing these parts, kissing, and massaging them before you go anywhere near anything more risqué. Of course nipples and her clitoris are parts that you should also spend time on, but teasing your way to them will make it all the better when you get there.

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Use all her senses

Go Down

Every man should go down on women. End of story. If you do not want to, then you are making sure that your partner never really enjoys sex with you, no matter what she says. Again the trick is to go slow. Tease your mouth down her belly and towards her groin, but do not be tempted to dive straight in there. Instead tease around the outside of her vagina with your mouth and tongue, going down her inner thighs as well, kissing all over. When you do move your mouth to her vagina, concentrate on her clitoris rather than thrusting with your tongue. Think of a cat lightly licking its paw and do that. Do not push with too much pressure and keep the movements rhythmical and slow. If she tries to move, let her. It might be that you are pressing too hard and she wants to relieve the pressure, or is subtly moving your tongue to a better spot. But if she starts to press into you, or pushes you head deeper into her, then this is the cue to start speeding up. It obviously feels good and she wants more.No matter what happens, how much you are gasping for air, or how many hairs you have in your mouth, do not stop until she wants you to. Once you are down there, you are down until it is done.

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Do whatever you desire

Go Wild

Thought his all might be a lot to think about, try and remember the best thing about sex – it is massive fun. If you and your partner are confident then you can try new things and have a great time with each other, going completely wild, safe in the knowledge that your partner will go all the way with you.

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Dating Tips For The Modern Woman

The old dating tips just don’t cut it any more. We all know that we shouldn’t show off to much on a first date and that bringing a group of friends along is weird. Whilst you’ve heard these things a thousand times, you still haven’t found the right guy… What gives?

The devil is in the details and finding the perfect date is all about the details!

Looking In The Wrong Places

No matter how incredible you are, if you are looking in the wrong places for the date of your dreams, you won’t find him. Seems simple enough right?

You’d be surprised by how many people go looking for the type of dates they want to meet in the wrong places. If you are looking for that perfect man, go to where that type of person might be. The longer the list of things you want in a date is, the more difficult they will be to find.

If you want a super rich, fit and intelligent guy, the chances of finding him at a local dive bar are going to be pretty slim. Perhaps he has had a terrible day and he just wants to drown his sorrows… unlikely!

You need to figure out exactly where this man might go to spend his free time and find him there.

How Is Your Body Language?

People communicate more with body positioning than they do with words. This means if you are giving off the wrong signals, your prospective partner may not even take the time to say hello in the first place.

Make sure you are making eye contact, holding their conversation properly and not endless bashing away at your phone. When you meet someone in real life, turn off your devices and make sure that you give them 100% of your attention. This could be your future partner you are meeting, you want to give the right impression.

wine and dine

This body language shows that these two are totally besotted with one another

Giving them your full attention means no checking your watch, staring off into the distance or watching the sports game in over their shoulder. All of these things are picked up on, whether consciously or subconsciously and make a real difference to how your date could be feeling about themselves or yourself.

Try working on your body language when you deal with people you already know. this means keep lots of eye contact with your friends and family and see if they notice. You might think it is threatening or ‘weird’ but it is completely natural for someone to do and it has a myriad of benefits for people that are looking to date.

cute handwritten note


Don’t Be Afraid

A lot of women feel afraid to tell men about their achievements and life on dates as they may have had prior experience of driving men away. If a man is threatened by the success of their date, you probably don’t want to be with him. Even if he’s great apart from that, over time things get to people and sabotage otherwise great relationships. Speak up and show that you are awesome and your date will love it!

Don’t fall in to the common trap of just listening to what your date is saying either. Make sure you take part in the conversation and share with your date.

Sure, people like to talk about themselves but its no fun if that’s all there is to talk about. Be a good conversationalist and make sure that is feels about equal.

After the date, don’t be afraid to call him up to arrange another one if it went well. The old advice of waiting until he calls to show you are not being needy is ridiculous in this dating marketplace.

Your mileage may vary when you try out these tips but finding a great date shouldn’t be too difficult. Display confidence, keep great eye contact and body language and you shouldn’t be single for much longer. Dating is fascinating as you can’t predict the types of people you will meet or strike a friendship up with.

Your “Type” Isn’t What You Think

A long held myth of the dating scene, types just don’t exist. Types are just an extension of the concept of having a checklist for possible dates to match up to. Realistically though, most people don’t know what they truly want in a partner until they find it. Try dating people that you wouldn’t think you would be compatible with. You might be surprised as a to the results and you would never have dated them without changing your rigid mindset. Cast away the old type idea and evaluate each person individually rather than relying on heuristics. You can thank me later.

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Dating Advice For Single People

When you are single then the dating world can seem anathema to everything you want. All you are after is a few dates and the possibility of a relationship you really cherish, whereas what dating really gives you is just a feeling of either inadequacy as you see everyone else coupled up, or loathing, as everyone you meet seems newly released form the psychiatric ward. Either way, not what you are looking for from dating.
But actually you are your own worst enemy when it comes to dating. The problem that most people exhibit with dating is one of confidence. Most people, even if on the outside appear perfectly confident, do have trouble believing in themselves. They think that no one would really be interested in dating them, and then this shows in their behavior. They are withdrawn and nervous when meeting new people and therefore do not make a good impression.
If I could give one piece of advice to people who are starting out dating it is to believe in yourself. No matter who you are, there is someone out there for you and people will really like the real you. Do not be afraid to go out and find new people, start up new relationships and enjoy yourself. In fact it is normally the opposite that causes problems, when people become too stressed about the dating game and can’t have fun with it.

single dating 1

Dating can be great

Chill Out

You really do need to calm down and enjoy it. The worry is understandable. The person you meet when you are out dating might be your true love, or dating one person might mean you are missing out on someone else. The amount of permutations that go through a person’s head is staggering, and all it does is wind them up.
Of course it can also be worrying thinking about whether the other person is going to like you. You’ll constantly be assessing your own behavior, unlike in normal situations and thinking about how you are being perceived. This makes you act strangely and, perversely, makes you be perceived badly.
Instead the best thing to do is to approach every new date as if it is a one-off. You are there to meet a new person, with new stories, new interests and a whole new outlook on life. If you like each other you’ll meet again, if not, no bother. It is the constant worry that makes dates bad. If both parties relaxed and enjoyed themselves, dating would be much more fun.

single dating 2

It doesn’t matter if you are alone

Enjoy Yourself

You really do need to enjoy yourself. I am not talking about getting royally drunk or going crazy (in fact, getting drunk on a date is an absolute no-no. One or two is fine, but stay in control), but try to make sure that the date is fun, and that even if nothing comes of it, you do not see it as a night wasted. Worrying about wasted time is also something that causes people problems with dating, as they, especially women, think that their lives are ebbing away and that they need to shack up with someone soon, whoever they are. Instead you should realize that a few dates here or there are not going to make much difference.
You should also try to enjoy yourself overall. Once you are shacked up and settled down, you will sometimes pine for the exciting dates of first dates and does he/doesn’t he thoughts. Dating should be exciting and enjoyable, no matter what happens. Dating is a great way to get out and meet new people and see new places. People often use this time in their lives for general betterment as well, taking up a new hobby to impress their possible partners, or hitting the gym to look better on a date. Use this whole time as an excuse to create a new you that anyone you meet will love.

single dating 3

You can meet new people

Meet New People

And remember, this is all about meeting new people. It is highly unlikely that the first person you meet will be your prince or princess charming. You’ll probably go on quite a few dates before you meet someone you really click with and want to get to know better. But if you enjoy yourself during the dating experience, it means you can get to know people who might turn into good friends even if they do not turn into partners.

Do not be afraid to go on a large number of dates looking for the right person, and do not feel bad about saying no to anyone at the end of the night. This is to be expected. If you had a good time together, then it will never be a waste for either of you.
So try and maintain confidence throughout your dating travels, and remember to keep calm and just keep on dating – the right person might be just around the corner.

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The Four Best Ways To Find Love After The Sting Of Divorce

If you are suddenly finding yourself alone, it can be a very scary thing. Most people who get divorced find that they haven’t dated for decades and all of a sudden they are being thrust right back into the singles scene. Things have changed drastically in the past ten years. It used to be that you found people at bars, or through friends, nowadays there are many other places to find love. Many new options are allowing people with limited time, kids, and a career to find love the second time around. If you are looking for the best way to find love again, there are ways to increase your chances.

The three best ways to find love the second time are:

The internet

The internet has allowed many people to find the partner of their dreams. Many people who find themselves divorced have a very limited schedule to go out and find love. The internet opens up a new avenue for them to find people. Being able to reach out to others through the internet gives you better odds for finding someone. Instead of sitting in a bar night after night hoping that the man, or woman of your dreams will walk through the door, you are able to go through hundreds of singles in your area to find those you would like to get to know better. You don’t have to waste your time buying drinks, or taking them out on a date. You can communicate with them online until the time that you decide you actually want to meet them in person. it is a real time saver for divorcees who find themselves with twice the amount of responsibility and half the time.

Speed dating

dating after a divorce

Speed dating is like the cliff notes of dating

There is a new phenomenon called speed dating. It is an organized way to meet many singles in your area at one time. There are organizations that put on lunches or dinners and they set up tables where couples are meant to spend time with each other for a short period of time. The thought is that you will know right away whether you want to spend more time with someone. You normally know if you are attracted to someone right away and having a short conversation is another way to weed possible matches out. After you have gone through all the singles you can opt to spend more time with one member or not. The reason that this is a great way to meet people is because it involves a very little amount of time, you can meet a whole lot of singles at once, and you don’t have to spend time with someone you aren’t interested in. For those who are recently divorced, it is a great way to get your feet wet. If you are worried about not having much to talk about on a first date, this is a test to feel more comfortable talking with potential dates.

Blind dates and set ups

blind dates

Blind dates can be more fun than you think

There was a time when you were younger and someone setting you up meant your mom was setting you up with some homely person that her friend couldn’t find a partner for. Now that you are divorced and older things are different. Sometimes finding someone else who is also divorced is a good idea. Most often people will want to set you up with other friends of theirs who are recently divorced as well. Only those who have been through a divorce can understand what it is like. Finding a mate can start by finding a friend. Allow your friends to set you up with others they know are in the same boat. When you are a little older, your friends want to set you up because they think that someone will be good for you, not because they are doing someone a favor. The worst that can happen is you have someone to talk with, who knows what you are going through. If they aren’t the one for you, they may know who is. It is all about making connections and finding others who are in like situations. Allow people in your life to make connections for you, it may lead to the love of your life.

Divorce groups

Yep, that’s right, divorce groups. They aren’t just for talking about your miserable Ex. Many divorce groups are full of men and women who are looking for love with people who are going through the same thing in life. Not only are they a great way to find support, they are full of singles looking for one another. Of course, not all of them are the same, so finding one that is more geared toward dating is a good idea.

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A New Journey for Love

After a Divorce

A good advice to help you with your divorce

Divorce is one of the most stressful events a human can experience in life. During this time, a person may feel depressed, anxious and lonely. Let’s face it. You planned to spend the rest of your life with that person. You built a foundation with them over many years. Now, they are gone. You feel unbalanced, unsure where you will land. Everyone expects you to feel these sad emotions. But, while others express their sympathy, you may be surprised to feel other emotions. You will experience a great excitement for the future. A whole new challenge in life is open to you. Once again, as when you were young, you are setting off into the big world to re-establish who you are and what you want to become. You have a wonderful opportunity to spend time with yourself, to do all those things you have dreamed. The best idea would be to spend time building a new foundation for yourself. So, before you sign up for that online dating website, or go on two dates every weekend, take the time to follow these three steps to ensure your path to peace, happiness, and a future full of love.

Focus on Now

When a human goes through traumatic events, chemicals are released in the brain to make you feel more aware as you charter through each day with an uncertain future. Much like when we lose loved ones, or have a major breakup, we have this drive to “seize the day”. You will feel this swing into a present state of mind. You will be more aware of “now”. This is a unique experience triggered by a major life event. Some people experience these events more than others, but as a human we all experience them at one time or another. And, believe it, or not, they are blessings in disguise. Take a journal and ask yourself, “How do I feel at the moment?” Be honest with yourself and write it all out. Dive into your emotions and explore why you feel a certain way. This practice make you more aware of your emotions and your present state of mind. Take an hour each day to allow yourself to contemplate and be introspective. Once the hour is up, spend the rest of your day invested in activities that help you focus on the present. Take each hour, each day, one at a time and choose activities that attract your interest. Listen to a new album, take a music class, read a book, watch a movie. Really focus on these activities as if time outside of it didn’t exist. Enjoy the activity unadulterated. Also, spend a lot of time engaging with other people. Conversation is a great way to busy ourselves, building stronger relationships, and express gratitude. You may even feel like hugging everyone you come across. There is nothing wrong with that emotion. Let your love pour out. Realize what your brain is trying to do and focus on the present. You are building your new foundation and focusing on the present will help you establish the many great interests you have as a person.

Embrace Compassion

get over a breakup

You need to get over your ex

At this crossroads in life, you must embrace the idea of compassion, not anger or regret.

Divorces happen for many reasons, but it can be especially bitter when infidelity or abuse is a cause. There will be moments that you will regret wasted years, or be angry that you fell for the wrong person. These emotions will hinder you from building a new, strong foundation for yourself. By building on these thoughts, you will be still dependent on your spouse because they are what triggers your emotions. Then, you will try to overcompensate for your insecurities by trying to have someone come save you. Some other person you hope will be your “new love”. Don’t build this shaky foundation. You will never enjoy yourself and you may never correct the mistakes you made in your previous marriage. Instead, embrace compassion for everyone. And, you know the first person you need to express compassion towards. You guessed it, your ex-spouse. The question is not whether they deserve it or not, the question is what type of person do you want to become? Imagine your interactions with your spouse that are full of anger and pain. What type of person will you become as you feel these emotions take over during this precious time you have to build anew. Now, imagine yourself expressing compassion. Your ex-spouse has their issues as well. Practice non-judgment and compassion. They may appear to be doing fine, or they may be self-destructing.  Either way, limit your interactions with your ex-spouse. But, when you do interact, your expression of compassion is very important for your own well-being.  Compassion will attract someone new in your life.

Be Open to the World

You need to be around people that help you expand. Be open to any and all possibilities. Go to classes, join a book club, invent new recipes, learn a new language and study the culture.  Instead of regretting the past, or worrying about the future, spend more time in curiosity and wonderment of the world. By carrying this curiosity, others will see your thirst for life. You will develop wonderful relationships and friendships when you carry this enthusiasm for life, and you will spend your days happy and grateful. Suddenly, you won’t feel like something is missing. When you reach this point, you will know that you have built your strong foundation. One way or another, someone will come along and be attracted to your strength and enthusiasm for life. You will energize them. They should do the same for you. And this time, your love will feel different, stronger. It won’t be the tug-of-war love that you experienced before, but a love that exists in harmony as two genuine people nurture a new relationship. Two strong people coming together invites a love of energy, comfort and confidence.

Be open to a new relationship

Be open to a new relationship

In today’s world, online dating is growing with more popularity. In many circles, people have come to accept that online dating as the definitive way to find a new love. There is nothing wrong with online dating in theory. The issue with online dating is the culture of immediate gratification. Some users will desperately search for any kind of comfort, others will go on dozens of dates in a month. They will feel pain, anger, regret and try to find a replacement to fill the hole in their life. They have not built a strong foundation so they will be encountering the same issues that have plagued their love life for years. Hopefully, you will take these words to heart and spend time to build your new foundation. Be sure to build your strong foundation before you try these sites. When you feel good about where you are and happy about your situation, begin your hunt. Sign up for an online dating site, or go on several dates a month. Have fun with your new experience. Never view the site as a search to find something that is missing. Nothing is missing. You have your strong foundation. Anything else that comes along is a nice addition to your wonderful life.


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Getting Back A Girlfriend – Is It Possible?

Every day, thousands of couples will break up and thousands of other couples will start their relationship together. When you break up with someone, there’s often a lot of insults and these are accompanied by a huge string of blame being laid on you by your soon to be ex. People often respond in kind accusing their ex partner of many things.

What not to do after a breakup

Getting a girlfriend back after you have insulted and berated them is going to require a lot of effort on your part and you’ll have to make sure that you really want her back before you start trying to get her back.

Whilst it is possible to get a girlfriend back, whether or not you should is an entirely different matter. If you genuinely loved them and wish to spend a lot more time with them, you’ll want to try and get your girlfriend back. If not, perhaps taking some time to look at yourself and how your life is progressing is going to be a better use of your time, rather than chasing after a girl you are not really interested in anymore. Most people get so caught up in trying to get their girlfriends back that they don’t stop to think about the situation. If you don’t really want your girlfriend back, it makes very little sense for you to try and get them back, right? After all, if you were never very happy with her and don’t even want to get back with her, you’ll just end up breaking up with her and hurting her feelings even more. Not a good move.

after a breakup

Most people get so caught up in trying to get their girlfriends back that they don’t stop to think about the situation

In the time after the breakup, whether you want your ex girlfriend back or not, you should use the time to try and improve your life. If after the relationship you’ve let go of yourself and just sit around playing video games all day, you are not going to attract anyone, apart from other girls who are feeling as miserable as you are. Of course, you won’t meet these girls to get along with them, because you’ll only be leaving the house to get milk. I recommend starting by finding a good wet shave barber in your local area. These guys will shave you and your hair in to better shape. After this, you should feel a lot better about yourself and you might want to go do something constructive. Whilst expensive, going out and buying a few pieces of nice clothing can really inject confidence in to your life. Buying a nice new suit jacket or pants will help you feel better about yourself and should mean that you will end up going outside a little more!

If you broke up with your girlfriend because she was letting herself go and slacking at life, there’s no room for wiggle in your own life. Being a hypocrite is not attractive and if you want to get the girl back in your life, you’d better start trying to make your life a place where someone would want to be, right?


relationship problems

Changing your outlook on life and trying to remain positive will go a long way in trying to get your old girlfriend back.

After a breakup, you’ll be feeling down and sad if you didn’t want to break up with your girlfriend. Changing your outlook on life and trying to remain positive will go a long way in trying to get your old girlfriend back. Getting back in to the relaxed, confident and humorous version of you is going to make you much more attractive to everyone, not just your old ex girlfriend. When you make these changes and stick to them, you’ll soon notice the change in people’s attitudes around you. Hitting the gym hard, complimented by a good attitude will be the best thing you can do to get your girlfriend back in your arms.

Once you have sorted out your outlook and taken a stab at improving your life, you’ll finally be ready to call up your ex and see if they are at all interested in getting back together. Don’t bring it up right away, meet with them a few times at casual locations and make sure you still want to be with them and nobody else. If after you’ve met up with them a few times you want to get back together, bring it up. Talk about how you have changed, show what you are doing to get over the problems your last relationship brought and make sure your ex girlfriend knows that what you are doing is sincere.  Remember, don’t rush in to this thinking that getting your ex back is the only way your life can continue because even after you improve yourself, your ex girlfriend might have moved on or might not want to be with you again anyway. It’s a tough thing to do, but it is possible to get your ex back, with a lot of work


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Why Aren’t You Getting Noticed On Linkedin?

LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing and most trusted social network for professionals. PR officials and recruiters treat it like a gold mine for finding candidates to fill positions at their respective firms and reach out to people who seem like they’re perfect for the job at hand. However, what most of us fail to realize is that our LinkedIn profile has the biggest impact on our chances of being contacted and landing the job. Some of the most common avoidable mistakes are mentioned below.

Your Job Depiction Is Off Key

Just stating your title as a developer or programmer doesn’t give people any real idea as to what you do in your work hours. Job titles fill up people’s profiles and this fails to reach out to a prospective client or hiring manager. How do you go about this then? While you don’t need to ramble about your position, you should certainly summarize your job in 3-4 bullet points. Another great tip to remember is using buzzwords since employers often search for these as it saves them time and money.

You Don’t Post A Decent Photograph

LinkedIn is not Facebook or Twitter so keep family/dog pictures out of it. While you might think that it leads to you looking caring and dependable, the fact of the matter is that your employer wants his job done and is probably more interested in your job description, qualifications etc. Choose a recent photograph for starters and make sure that it’s not a ‘selfie’ or a vacation shot. Also make sure that it seems ‘real’ as at the end of the day, if they want to meet up with you, you wouldn’t want their first reaction to be ‘you don’t look anything like your profile picture’. To sum it up in three words; keep it professional.

Network of team

Your Page Lacks Personality

More often than not, you can peruse through LinkedIn and find an umpteen number of people who don’t manage to come across well through their page. Why? One reason only; because they don’t share enough. Try mentioning your likes, hobbies and interests as this makes you look more like a human being as opposed to a robot. Human beings are 3-Dimensional personalities and there is enough space on the page for you to give a mild description of what you’re like so use it to give the employer a good idea of who you are as a person.

Lies, Lies, Lies

Never post false resumes, as the truth will always come out, sooner or later. You might get hired initially but eventually you’ll be asked to go since your ‘credentials’ will never match down to your performance. Tell the truth, it’s the only way.

Too Many To No Recommendations

Work just like life, is all about the relationships you form along the way. Keep the recommendations within readable limits if you have too many and look for them if don’t have any. It might take some time but it will be worth it in the long run.

Make your work speak for itself

Making these minute changes to your profile will really help recruiters and managers see the real you and help you stand out from the thousands of candidates they see every day. So, get started on reshaping your LinkedIn profile and land the job you know you deserve.

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Make The Entire World Your Gym With Smartphone

Need a great shape but not able to spend hours in gym due to busy schedule? If you’re facing the same problem then it is time to concentrate on it. Here are some great tips on how to get in great shape without going to gym.

If you have a smartphone with all the latest features, then you must be feeling lucky because your personal trainer stays always with you. Are you still confused? Ok, let me explain how your smartphone can turn into the most influential workout motivator for you. You just need to use three applications in particular on regular basis and will surely enjoy it. These three fitness apps are beneficial and extremely easy to do. They will give your work-out a boost and raise your stamina as well. The best parts of these apps are that they all have free versions and you can access them anytime anywhere.

Dr. Meera Dalal tests a smartphone app that measures blood pressure at TEDMED. (Image courtesy TEDMED)

Enjoy Your Workout with Fitocracy

Fitocracy is one of the best and most famous fitness apps that turn your fitness sessions into a game. This application will initially ask you about your personal details to personalize it as per your choice. You will get points as you burn calories along with exercises. You can share your points (how much calories, you have burnt) with friends on famous social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. If you like to achieve your goals any how then just download its free version and enjoy burning calories just like playing a “Tower of Saviors”.

Endomondo: Track Your Every Outdoor Activity

It is absolutely a fantastic application to stay fit and can get everyday’s report on how much who have walked throughout the day. Endomondo can automatically record the route you take while walking, running or doing any kind of outdoor activities through advanced GPS tracking system. This application also tracks the total time and distance, so that you can challenge yourself for your next workout session. One can download its pro version, $4.99, which also include gap tracking for your strength interval workout session. But first try its free version and enjoy an intense workout session.

5 Innovations That Will Make Your Smartphone Smarter

New Comers start their workout with Gain

If you really don’t know what exactly needs to do when it’s time to work-out then Gain is your personal teacher who will teach you from where to start. It is an outstanding application for beginners as Gain has some real fitness trainers demonstrating muscle moves, famous yoga positions and cardio. It will also create a custom workout session especially designed for you after knowing your personal details. It is easy to learn because it shows you some moving pictures on how to do the steps properly. Gain is an ideal application for all those who are looking for new insight.

So, the main reason of sharing these Smartphone apps is to assist you on how to connect with technology in an optimistic way that can make you healthy and fit. Use your Smartphone in a wise manner and get ready to start work-out at home with your personal trainer.

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Five Free iPad Educational Apps That Will Make Your Kid’s Learning Fun!

Many of you think that the iPad contains only fun apps but the truth is that there are so many educational apps you can find in the store for free. These educational apps will definitely interest your kids to learn in a fun way. All kids want to use an iPad and if they know they can learn using it then it becomes an even better reason for them to use it. You should make sure to install only the apps that provide true content and easy navigation so that the kids can use it. To help you find the best choice, here is a list of the five best free educational apps for kids.

1) Squiggles: This is an app that helps your kid’s imaginations grow. In this app the kids can draw and paint using their hands. The app guides the children on how to present the squiggle after finishing the drawing .You can draw a snake, elephant’s trunk or anything and click “ok” on the top and you can see the squiggles move around and get animated. This app also has a feature where you can choose a photo and include squiggles in it. Your kid will be able to make their own adventure story using this app. Your kids will learn a lot when they have to use their imagination.

Five Fun Free iPad Apps

2) LEGO creationary: If your kid is a Lego fan then this app is a must. This game will test how fast your kids will find out what object is being constructed using the Lego blocks. Before starting the game, it would roll a rice to choose the category of the item it is going to construct. While you see the object being built, you can also see four objects at four different corners of the screen. If you know which object it is, all you have to do is click the object. One might think it is simple and all the kids have to do is figure the correct object but the fact is the app builds the object quickly and the kids have to be really fast in figuring it out. The kids will have to observe keenly and use their creation to figure it out. This will definitely help the kids to learn to think quickly.

3) Rods: This helps the kids to improve their mathematical concepts. This game has both addition and subtraction concepts. It involves using different length rods to show how numbers make up other numbers. The kid will have to choose the right lengthen rod that will fit the puzzle.

Five Fun Free Apps for Babies

4) Sushi monster: Another app that will help the kids in their mathematical skills. In this app your kid can practice multiplication, addition in the fun way. The kids will have to solve problems to feed their sushi monsters and earn coins. The scenario which is presented is a cafeteria where there is a sushi monster in the middle that is surrounded by plates filled with sushi. There are different levels for the kids to move along as they complete the one they are presently in. This is one of the best apps for your kids to learn in a fun environment,

5) Reading Raven: This app will help in improving the kids reading skills. This is a perfect app when you take your kids for a road trip and you want them engaged during the travel. This app contains short stories that will keep the kids interested for a long time. This is an apt app for kids who have just started to read.

These apps are meant for kids to get involved and learn in an innovative instead of just using books to learn things. So download these apps for free and see how your kids enjoy the learning phase!

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Reclaim Your Financial Stability: 3 Stocks To Invest Your Tax Refund In

How do you invest your tax refund? Most Americans have tried to find an answer to this question for many years. Investing tax refund is a challenging task if you do not have tips. Therefore, how do you make this investment opportunity a reality? There are several ways to invest your tax refund, but for now, I will give you the 3 best stocks to invest this refund.

Trading Securities such as shares

This is a lasting investment hence choosing to invest in shares can be a prudent decision to make. These are the most viable stock to invest your tax refund. The rewards are higher, so is the risks. Depending on the performance of the shares on the trading floor, you will get either loss or gain. You must also do your personal research on which shares to buy in order to avoid loss after purchase.

Become a Real Investor with Your Tax Refund

You may also need to seek professional tip on which shares to purchase in order to maximize your returns. Always remember that the higher the risk of a particular stock, the higher the rate of return forms the particular investment.

Fixed income financial instruments like treasury bond, notes, and bills

Investing in fixed income securities such as treasury bills, notes, and bonds can be rewarding. One advantage of these stocks is that their values are not influenced by the market performances as opposed to the risky stocks such as shares.

Use the tax refund to purchase government bills, notes, and debentures. Since they are not determined by the market performance, you are guaranteed a certain percentage of reward after specific time duration.

The net return might not be as high as shares, but you are guaranteed a certain percentage of return from your investment. Make a step and invest your tax refund and you will be guaranteed a given net reward.


Financial futures, options, forwards, and commodities

Investing your tax refund in financial derivatives such as forwards, options, futures, and commodities among other derivatives can be the best in option for these funds. You can buy natural oil forward or option to sell at a predetermined future date. With the current volatility in the prices in the natural oil gas products, this can be a great investment opportunity for this idle fund.

Otherwise, you can also buy a forward contract of oil gas in the market. This allows you to sell this product in the future at the agreed price. When the oil prices rises compared to the buying price, you can sell the product to earn the arbitrage opportunity difference as the profit.

Finally, on financial derivatives, you can opt for commodity. You can choose any product such as gold price, which is known to be ever rising. Within the first year, you may sell the gold at the market making a huge profit from the market arbitrage.

Make a bold step by reclaiming your financial freedom through investing your tax refund in the above mentioned stocks.

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3 Online Dating Mistakes People Make

If you are a fan of online dating but have not been getting any success, you must be doing something wrong. You may even be committing the same errors over and over again. Here are the 3 biggest mistakes people who use online dating sites make:

Don’t spend all your time dating online

Dating online is fun, but you should not spend every moment you have online. Time is precious. Take it offline quickly. Start with an online contact and then talk over the phone. You can then go with an offline date.

If you spend all your time emailing and chatting, you may just end up as friends because of the level of comfort you established. You’ll feel like your other person is your new best friend. If you’re looking for something special, consider meeting the person and go on a date. The other person already knows a lot about you. It would be a waste of time and effort if you can’t make a real connection.


Then again, this doesn’t mean that you should stop sending emails and chatting with people. If the person lives far from you, it’s fine to chat and email for long periods of time. You just have to make sure that it’s always interesting and light.

Share the right pictures

Your profile should have the right number of pictures – not too many, not too few. You want to stay in between. Represent yourself adequately but don’t look as if you’re too vain. Three pictures should do. Also, your photos should be recent.

Respond to messages in a timely manner

You should be happy if you get online messages because it means that a lot of people are interested in you. Respond to all these messages even if you just have to say that you’re not interested. You also have to send your reply in a timely manner. In case you mess up, make sure to explain why you were not able to respond. If you don’t send a reply, a person may continue to bother you. Send a polite message and say that you’ve met someone else.

real person for dating

Regardless of the kind of dating you are engaged in, online or offline, there are rules that you have to follow. Then again, as much as you’d like to stick to all the rules, this doesn’t mean that everything you do should be according to these guidelines. You can always do what you want. Just make sure that your actions will help you become successful in online dating. And never forget to have fun. Enjoy each moment and don’t rush yourself. There’s always someone out there who’s a good match to you. When you find that person, get to know him or her and know when it’s time to go offline.

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